Thai Lion Air Baggage Policy: Everything you need to know in 2020

Thai Lion Air recently changed their baggage policy. I explain what you need to know about their new baggage policy before you fly.

By Thom Allen


New Baggage Policy as of January 2019, no more free checked bags.

Starting in January of 2019 Thai Lion Air has changed their baggage policy. No more 20kg of checked baggage for free, like they had before. Even if you read in their terms of service that you will get 20kg free (it's in there), you won't. That being said, it's clear that things have changed, and Thai Lion Air is not making it obvious what exactly has changed. That's where I want to step in and help out.

What checked baggage is included for free?

Premium Economy Class

  • Domestic Flights: 20kg total weight, 1 piece of luggage.
  • International Flights: 30kg total weight, 2 pieces of luggage.

Economy Class - Domestic Flights

  • Domestic Flights: No free checked baggage.
  • International Flights: No free checked baggage. (Exception Bangkok to Colombo: 30kg total weight, 2 pieces of luggage.)

How to add more baggage allowance to a Thai Lion Air booking

This is where it can get really confusing. But I will simplify things a bit for you. There are basically two options you can pay for extra baggage allowance:

  • The cheaper option: Purchase baggage allowance in advance, more than 4 hours before your flight.
  • The VERY expensive option: Purchase baggage allowance at the airport before your flight. This can cost up to 10x as much.

Obviously you want to be able to do the cheaper option, but there is a catch. You can only pay for baggage in advance with a debit or credit card issued by a Thai bank. This makes it nearly impossible for customers who are not Thai to pay the lower fee for extra baggage. Many people show up to the airport prepared to pay for bag fees, but they are shocked when they find out they may have to pay up to $300 USD per bag if they want to catch their flight.

The solution

This is where we come in. At we have created a tool for you to add baggage to your booking very easily. Just pay us the lower price, and we add the baggage to your booking. We will send you a confirmation showing that your baggage allowance has been added to your booking.


To get a quote on how much your baggage will cost, use our online tool to get a quote in a couple minutes. Click here to get a quote.

How we make money: We charge a small service fee to do this, but it's totally worth it. Our service fee allows us to keep working on this issue and help save our customers hundreds of dollars each time they purchase a baggage upgrade.

We hope our service will help allow customers to avoid very costly fees and so far people are loving it. Ben from our team got an email the other day from a happy customer:

Ben & the Team,

I want to thank you for getting us out of a tight spot. The extra baggage was added to our reservation even when we were unable to access the Thai Lion Air website. Really fantastic service and no superlatives are enough!!!

Thanks again! 👍 - Anshuman

Getting emails like this from our customers really gives us the motivation to keep working hard. If you book a baggage upgrade and have a great experience, or any feedback for us about how we can improve just send me an email [email protected]

Thanks for reading. Happy travels!

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